Patterns of Reactive Architecture

Format: Live Virtual Training
Duration: 3 hours

Reactive architecture patterns allow you to build self-monitoring, self-growing, and self-healing systems that can react to both internal and external conditions without human intervention. These kind of systems are known as autonomic systems (our human body is one example). In this 1/2 day live, virtual workshop I show you some of the more common and powerful reactive patterns you can use to automatically scale systems, grow systems, and self-repair systems, all using the basic language API and simple messaging. Through code samples in Java and live demonstrations, I show how the patterns work and also show you sample implementations. Get ready for the future of software architecture - that you can start implementing tomorrow.

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Public Training Dates
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Workshop Agenda


  • What are Autonomic Systems?
  • Understanding The Reactive Manifesto
  • Why Is Reactive Architecture So Important?
  • Reactive Architecture vs. Reactive Programming

Creating Self-Aware and Responsive Systems

  • Channel Monitoring Pattern
  • Supervisor Consumer Pattern
  • Thread Delegate Pattern

Creating Self-Healing Systems

  • Workflow Event Pattern
  • Producer Control Flow Pattern

Creating Self-Configuring Systems

  • Threshold Adjust Pattern
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