Software Architecture Book References

The books on this page represent some of the best books I have found to help you on the journey from developer to architect. It is by no means a definitive list, nor is it in any particular order, but rather books related to software architecture that I have either authored or read and think should be on any architecture journeyman’s bookshelf. I will continue to add books to this list as I come across them. 

Software Architecture: The Hard Parts 
by Neal Ford, Mark Richards, et. al. 
O’Reilly Media, October 2021
ISBN 978-1492086895
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Fundamentals of Software Architecture 
by Mark Richards and Neal Ford
O’Reilly Media, February 2020
ISBN 978-1492043454
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Software Architecture Patterns 2nd Edition
by Mark Richards
O’Reilly Media, August 2022
ISBN 978-1-098-13427-3

The Software Architect Elevator
by Gregor Hohpe
O’Reilly Media, April 2020
ISBN 978-1492077541

Design It!
by Michael Keeling
Pragmatic Bookshelf, October 2017
ISBN 978-1680502091

Sustainable Software Architecture
by Carola Lilienthal
Rocky Nook, October 2019
ISBN 978-1681985695

Just Enough Software Architecture
by George H. Fairbanks
Marshall & Brainerd, April 2010
ISBN 978-0984618101

Presentation Patterns
by Neal Ford, Matthew McCullough, Nate Schutta
Addison-Wesley Professional, August 2012
ISBN 978-0321820808

Release It! 2nd Edition
by Michael Nygard
Pragmatic Bookshelf, January 2018
ISBN 978-1680502398

Building Evolutionary Architectures
by Neal Ford, Rebecca Parsons, and Patrick Kua
O’Reilly Media, October 2017
ISBN 978-1491986363

Microservices AntiPatterns and Pitfalls
by Mark Richards
O’Reilly Media, July 2016
ISBN 978-1491963319
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Microservices vs. Service-Oriented Architecture
by Mark Richards
O’Reilly Media, November 2015
ISBN 978-1491956687
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Software Architecture for Developers Volume 1
by Simon Brown
LeanPub Publishing, August 2017

Software Architecture for Developers Volume 2
by Simon Brown
LeanPub Publishing, July 2017

Enterprise Integration Patterns
by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf
Addison-Wesley Professional, October 2003
ISBN 978-0321200686

Streaming Architecture
by Ted Dunning and Ellen Friedman
O’Reilly Media, May 2016
ISBN 978-1491953926

Building Microservices: Designing Fine-Grained Systems
by Sam Newman
O’Reilly Media, February 2015
ISBN 978-1491950357

97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know
edited by Richard Monson-Heafel
O’Reilly Media, February 2009
ISBN 978-0596522698

Your Code as a Crime Scene
by Adam Tornhill
Pragmatic Bookshelf, April 2015
ISBN 978-1680500387

A Practical Guide to Enterprise Architecture
by James McGovern, Scott Ambler, et al
Prentice Hall, November 2003
ISBN 978-0131412750

The Real Business of IT
by Richard Hunter and George Westerman
Harvard Business Press, October 2009
ISBN 978-1422147610

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