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Live Virtual Training Course Catalog 

For my live, virtual training classes I use an online platform that allows students to see slides and video, and also a collaborative chat window that enables students to ask questions and collaborate with other students in the class. The platform is highly interactive, and includes a virtual whiteboard (which I use a lot during the class) as well as a way to post your solution to the exercises in the class. Most of these classes are hands-on, allowing students to work on exercises as part of the class (see class descriptions for details).

See the Public Virtual Training Schedule page and the Upcoming Events page for a complete schedule of virtual classes, free webinars, user group events, and online conference events. 

Full-Day Classes:

Half-Day Workshops:

Live In-Person Training Course Catalog

My live, in-person training classes are highly interactive and encourage student questions and participation. All of my in-person classes are hands-on, where students work on either architecture scenarios or architecture katas to leverage the concepts in the class to create an architecture. 

Full-Day Classes:

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