Lesson 115 - Email-Driven Architecture 
(posted June 7, 2021)

Once an architect makes an architecture decision, that architect must communicate their decision to developers, architects, and various operations and business stakeholders. One of the default modes for communication is of course…email. Suddenly, all of your architecture documentation is spread throughout the company in various email messages, making it difficult to find (and follow) architecture decisions. In this lesson Mark Richards describes what is known as the "Email-Driven Architecture" and shows ways of effectively communicating architecture decisions, therefore avoiding this all-to-common anti-pattern.  

Reference Links:

Fundamentals of Software Architecture: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1492043451
Architecture Decision Records: https://www.developertoarchitect.com/lessons/lesson55.html
Software Architecture Monday: https://www.developertoarchitect.com/lessons/

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