Microservices Caching Strategies

Format: Live Virtual Training
Duration: Half-Day Workshop
Instructor: Mark Richards

In this half-day online class I describe and demonstrate various caching strategies and patterns that you can use in Microservices to significantly increase performance, manage common data in a highly distributed architecture, and even manage data synchronization from cloud-based microservices. I describe the differences between a distributed and replicated cache, and demonstrates how to do space-based microservices, leveraging caching to its fullest extent.

For more information about the pricing and availability of this course for private (corporate) training, please contact me at info@developertoarchitect.com. For public training offerings for this course, please see my public schedule at my upcoming events page.

Workshop Agenda

Unit 1: Caching Topologies

  • Single In-Memory Caching
  • Distributed Caching 
  • Replicated Caching
  • Near-Cache Hybrid 
  • Which One Should I Use? 

Unit 2: Caching Use Cases

  • Data Sharing

Unit 3: Space-Based Microservices

  • Topology Overview
  • Data Pumps 
  • Leveraging caching to increase performance 
  • Sharing the same database within a Microservices ecosystem 
  • Synchronizing cloud and on-prem systems 
  • Versioning database changes
  • Reporting and analytics within Microservices 

Unit 4: Data Collisions 

  • Identifying Data Collisions
  • Preventing Data Collisions

Unit 5: Cache Eviction Techniques

  • Time-To-Live (TTL) Policy
  • Archive (ARC) Policy
  • Least Frequently Used (LFU) Policy
  • Least Recently Used (LRU) Policy
  • Random Replacement (RR) Policy

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