Lesson 108 - The Role of a Software Architect
(March 1, 2021)

During a recent IT Career Energizer Podcast with Phil Burgess (see reference links below) I was asked what a software architect does. It was such an important question that I decided to expand on my answer In this lesson I go into the details about what the role of a software architect is and what the activities are that a typical software architect performs on a daily basis. I welcome feedback in the comments section of the video on youtube about some of the other duties an architect performs.  

Reference Links:

IT Career Energizer podcast with guest Mark Richards: https://itcareerenergizer.com/podcast/remember-to-develop-your-people-skills-and-dont-get-caught-up-in-the-hype-with-mark-richards/
Architecture Characteristics FAQ: https://www.developertoarchitect.com/lessons/lesson102.html
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Components and Root Namespaceshttps://www.developertoarchitect.com/lessons/lesson101.html
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Architecture Fitness Functions: https://www.developertoarchitect.com/lessons/lesson73.html
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Software Architecture: The Hard Parts: https://amzn.to/3BjMMF2
Training Classes: https://www.developertoarchitect.com/training/

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