Lesson 106 - Architecture Stories 
(February 1, 2021)

Most developers these days are familiar with user stories and (unfortunately) technical debt stories. But suppose you have a particular architecture refactoring you need to do, such as breaking apart a service into separate services? How do you convey this type of activity as a story? It really isn’t a user story, and it certainly shouldn’t be considered technical debt. In this lesson Mark Richards describes what he calls architecture stories and shows how to use them in an agile environment to convey and negotiate architectural refactoring.

Reference Links:

Software Architecture Monday: https://bit.ly/3dadEe3
Fundamentals of Software Architecture: https://amzn.to/3rgFLjY
Software Architecture: The Hard Parts: https://amzn.to/3BjMMF2
Training Classes: https://www.developertoarchitect.com/training/

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